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Sandra Gelbard, MD awards
Dr. Sandra Gelbard, a Manhattan-based internist who specializes in preventative medicine and one of the first doctors in New York City to begin COVID-19 testing, described the current epidemic as “way, way more concerning than the first two coronaviruses”—SARS and MERS—“which is surprising because the first two were more lethal. But those viruses were contained. With this novel coronavirus, 25 to 50% walk around without symptoms. It is the right combination of lethality and transmissibility. This makes this virus a real global threat.” Vanity Fair, April 2020


Sandra Gelbard MD

Dr. Sandra Gelbard prioritizes a personalized one-on-one customized program for each patient to reach their optimal health and prevent the development of disease. She is one of the pioneers in detecting inflammation. She uses her extensive knowledge of nutrition and supplements to lower an individual's overall inflammation level, thereby reducing one's risk of heart disease, stroke, and cancer. 

Closely monitoring many important lab markers, including hormones, vitamin levels, and antioxidants, her practice offers customized one-to-one medical care and the highest level of customer service. Each of Dr. Gelbard's patients come to her with their own health concerns and lifestyle challenges. She can offer each of her patients a customized, proactive wellness program where her patients receive the time and attention they require. 

Dr. Gelbard is available for same, next-day or telemedicine appointments, comprehensive non-rushed office visits, and whole health management for her patients. 



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Park Avenue Medical Concierge Executive Health Program provides customized concierge medicine services designed to keep organizations running at optimum performance. Personalized guidance and immediate test results help executives stay healthy and lead highly productive, fulfilling lives..

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