Dr. Sandra Gelbard is your dedicated healthcare partner who knows you and will be there for your healthcare needs. You need a doctor who knows you and addresses your health concerns all year long.  A doctor who will help you maximize your healthcare regimen to stay healthy, and when needed, will also be there for emergencies and help you manage any medical conditions. That is why your membership at Park Avenue Medical Concierge is different. Working together, you and Dr. Gelbard will develop a personalized program that provides knowledge and one-on-one year-long support. You will have more extended office visits and minimal wait times. It's medicine as it should be - focused on the patient and not the clock.  Together you and Dr. Gelbard will work to maximize your health. 

A Personal Doctor – As a member of Park Avenue Medical Concierge you will see YOUR doctor who will work with you to customize your care and be available when you need them. 

Tailored Care – Whether you’re dealing with a chronic or a newly diagnosed condition or you’re in the best health but need a wellness program for maintenance and preventative care Dr. Gelbard will spend time getting to know you and customizing your care. 

Specialist Care – For second opinions and emergency care Dr. Gelbard will be with you every step of the way.  She will consult, personally set up referrals to specialists, continually be in touch with your specialists to discuss your care and manage your ‘whole” health care.

Same-day or Next-day Appointments – Either in person or by telemedicine, whichever is best for you, your doctor is available. 

Elder Care / Staying Healthy at Home – At Park Avenue Medical Concierge, Dr. Gelbard and her team realize that elderly patients need their physicians available for house calls or telemedicine.  We work with you to decide the most accommodating plan, particularly during the winter months, when it's more challenging to get out to a doctor's appointment.  

Telemedicine Visits – At Park Avenue Medical Concierge, we value your time and know that, particularly in a COVID world, that personal doctor visits aren’t always easy.  That’s why Dr. Gelbard offers telemedicine appointments making it easier for you to stay in touch to discuss your healthcare. 

Assistance with admission to NY hospitals – In the instance that you need to be admitted to the hospital, Dr. Gelbard and her team, will assist you and your family members with the process.  

World-class exam – At Park Avenue Medical Concierge, Dr. Gelbard offers a comprehensive health exam, focusing on preventative healthcare, management of existing medical conditions, longevity, and health care that provides the best quality of life for you.  The exam includes extensive screenings, advanced blood work, full-body scans, x-rays & mammograms, stress tests, and much more.  The exam will include testing and screenings that are normally not done by other doctors. 

In-house Immunizations & testing – At Park Avenue Medical Concierge, we offer immunizations including Influenza, Hepatitis A, TDAP, Shingles and Pneumovax.   One of the first NYC offices to do COVID-19 testing, Park Avenue Medical Concierge will continue to offer the latest, safest, most accurate testing.   

Travel Consultation Medicine – If you’re planning to travel, Dr. Gelbard is available to discuss the healthcare concerns related to your travel.  

LEAP Supplement Program – The LEAP supplement program designed by Dr. Gelbard is highly detailed and based on each individual's biochemical profile.  The customized vitamin supplements increase energy levels, decrease autoimmune disease, reduce the risk of inflammation, heart disease, and stroke.  Immune system strengthening is important and should you choose this option as part of your care, Dr. Gelbard will closely monitor you with blood draws to make sure that your supplements are specifically tailored to your needs. 


It's about you, it's about time. Consider Concierge.

Park Avenue Medical Concierge Executive Health Program provides customized concierge medicine services designed to keep organizations running at optimum performance. Personalized guidance and immediate test results help executives stay healthy and lead highly productive, fulfilling lives..

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