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How to prevent second wave of coronavirus cases for New York

By Sandra Gelbard, MD opinion contributor — 06/04/20 04:00 pm edt the views expressed by contributors are their own and not the view of the hill

The scientific road to recovery

By Sandra Gelbard, MD opinion contributor — 05/12/20 08:00 am edt the views expressed by contributors are their own and not the view of the hill

“Worse Than Anything We’ve Ever Seen”: Frontline Doctors Race to Learn the Mysteries of a Deadly Virus

By Diana Falzone April 7, 2020 Months into the pandemic, the novel coronavirus is still largely an unknown—“very perplexing,” says one infectious disease specialist, while another predicts the death toll “could easily be 1 million.”

Details into the Ongoing Trials to Treat COVID-19

Originally aired on 3/23/2020 Dr. Sampson Davis explains what signs indicate a patient needs a ventilator. Internist Dr. Sandra Gelbard speaks out about the trials being done around the world with various medications to treat COVID-19.

GUESTS: Dr. Didier Raoult , Dr. Sampson Davis , Dr. Sandra Gelbard , Dr. Jeffrey Rediger , Dr. Sam Parnia

Can Doubling-Up on Shapewear Restrict Your Airflow?

Originally aired on 7/22/2019 Investigative reporter Mara Schaviocampo takes us along her day of doubling-up on shapewear, and tells us how she felt throughout the experiment. Internist Sandra Gelbard, MD, reveals the results of Mara’s lung capacity with and without shapewear.

GUESTS: Kellyann Petrucci , Justin DeMarco, Mara Schiavocampo, Dr. Sandra Gelbard , Denise Caldwell, Dr. Ayesha Sherzai , Nikki Dinki , Dr. Jordan Kassalow, Jennifer Krause

Why Lena Dunham’s Choice to Get a Hysterectomy Matters to Women With Endometriosis

By Elizabeth Varnell february 14, 2018

For many like her, it can take years to reach a diagnosis, says Dunham’s internist, Dr. Sandra Gelbard. “These women suffer tremendously before anyone is able to correctly recognize that their symptoms are due to endometriosis,” she explains. “They are referred to gastroenterologists, pain specialists, and often even psychologists.”

Why More Doctors Should Embrace the Words “I Don’t Know”

By Dr. Sandra Gelbard January 9, 2018 The best thing for patients and their care is to admit you don’t know everything.

How to Heal Broken Hearts (and Immune Systems)

By Dr. Sandra Gelbard January 4, 2017 A guide to reducing stress through lifestyle changes.

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